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5 Wedding Crystal Pieces Every Bride Needs

Brides have a lot on their plate (no pun intended) when planning a wedding. More often than not, a blushing bride will delegate some of the important duties to her #1 lady, aka THE MAID OF HONOR or as we like to call her, Party Planner, Therapist and Gopher.  Keeping this in mind, we built a must have list for every bride and her maid of honor for the 5 Wedding Crystal Pieces Every Bride Needs to make her wedding spectacular.  We could have made this list a mile long, but we figured you have enough to think about for planning your special day. We just wanted to make your life a little easier and a little bit more fabulous.



1. The Centerpieces 

The first thing your reception guests will notice (besides the location of the open bar) are the centerpieces. Everybody finds their name card, removes their coat, sits down, and looks straight ahead at the shiny, feathery, floral, mass in front of them. The centerpieces carry the entire theme of the wedding, and they are an important detail to spend your time and money on, as your aunt's will be sneaking them into the back of their car at the end of the night when everyone has had enough wine not to notice. And of course the staple in every centerpiece is the vase.


For the big bouquet with the fixings:


For the colorful wedding:

A simple foundation to build upon:


For the beach Wedding:

The vase you fill:

2. Glassware:


There are two types of weddings: the kind with plastic wedding glasses, and the kind with crystal.

If you have a more refined wedding, your glassware is important. Plates are important too but those get taken away after every course- the glasses are what everyone is subconsciously focused on throughout the reception.

You will want to go with real crystal glassware, as it is more durable and will impress your guests.


For the liquor:


For the Wine:


For the Cocktails:


For everything else:


3. Can’t forget the Candles!

Ambience is everything and you want everyone to look good in their selfies.

The elegant approach:


Or maybe you want a more casual feel:

4. The little things you don’t think of until you start setting up and proceed to panic:



A box to put cards:

A bowl for your uncle’s signature punch:


(if you’re feeling wild)

With the ladle:


Because the aunts and uncles need cream and sugar for their post-dinner coffee. Where else will they harness the energy to do the electric slide?

5. And of course, THE GIFTS!


Every newlywed needs these essentials in their new life.

So they can start drinking in style:

For the photo they choose 2 weeks later that captures the essence of the day and their love:  


To assist in the writing of thank-you cards:


To open up all those cards with all those checks inside (and to open the first mortgage payment):

Because that antique coffee table was a gift from my dearly departed Aunt Mary and if I see the beginning of ONE MORE RING…

Once all of these are set-up you can finally BREATHE-


But not for too long because the ceremony is in three hours and you need to go get ready.