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How Stained Glass is Created

How Stained Glass is Created


Stained glass looks amazing and can be a fun activity for almost anyone at just about any age. You can also get really creative with stained glass and create these patterns on blown glass. Blown glass is essentially glass that is created using a technique that involves inflating molten glass. You can use a blowpipe or a tube to inflate the glass. This means that you can actually create mouth blown glass. Once the glass is blown, you can then create patterns by staining the glass. You can create stained glass in many different patterns and styles. This means that you can be creative and use your imagination. Stain glass is much easier to make than you might think. All you need to do to make the process more manageable is to have the right tools around. There are just a few tools that you will need to stain glass.




One must have tool that you need to have on hand is patterns. You can find many free patterns online or can even get them from certain stores. These patterns are what you follow to create a specific look or style for your stain glass. If you want to create a specific type of design, you need to have the right pattern on hand.


Oil Cutter


Another basic stain glass tool that you can’t really do without is an oil cutter. Oil cutters come available in a variety of different styles, but most are really similar. Toyo is a great brand for oil cutters and is one that you should invest in of you are serious about satin glass. Trying one that offers a comfort grip is the best option for people that are new to the world of stain glass. This tool is not extremely expensive, but it might cost you about $25.


Cutting Oil


Once you have the cutter, you also will need cutting oil. This is what you use on the wheel of your glass cutter to make the process easier. When you are scoring glass, it is essential that you have cutting oil that you can use. This cutting oil is a must-have item, but it is also really cheap. You can get a large container of cutting oil for a really affordable price at most craft stores.



Another stain glass tool that you can’t do without is pliers. This is a tool that will get a lot of use when you are dealing with stain glass. You have to break the glass after it is scored, which means that you need to use pliers. When you use pliers to break out glass, you have the ability to create just about any shape that you desire. This is a useful tool that you need to have around.