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How to Decorate Your Home Using Crystal and Glass

Feng Shui and Glass Decor Design Trends


No matter how much space you might have at your disposal, you can make the most of it by focusing on feng shui. Not only does feng shui allow you to keep your home or apartment organized, but it also allows you to create a space that is balanced and cohesive. There are many different feng shui principles that you can take advantage of when organizing or arranging your apartment. It is also important to know how to incorporate glass into the design of your home to create just the right look and energy.




It is not a good idea to keep shoes near your entrance. One of the biggest Feng Shui principles that you can follow involves keeping your area near the door uncluttered. This is specifically designed to ensure that your home or apartment is clear and free. The energy in your home is said to be able to pick up on the odors from the shoes and this only hampers your apartment more. Instead of having a place for shoes near the entrance of your home, you can have a glass vase filled with flowers that is decorative and brings positive energy to the space.





Television Rules


Another big Feng Shui rule to follow involves the rooms that are designated for a television. You might enjoy watching TV before you fall to sleep each night, but this is not part of feng shui. You are not supposed to display a TV in the bedroom. If you have to watch TV before bed, it is a good idea to invest in a chest or cover that you can use to hide your TV throughout the day. There are even glass screens that can be used to cover your television.








Another feng shui superstition that many people follow involves the use of mirrors. You can’t just display mirrors in any location throughout your home. It is believed that mirrors should not be positioned opposite your bed or at the side of your bed. People who take Feng Shui seriously believe that putting a mirror in this positioning could welcome a third party into your relationship, so you need to be careful when positioning a glass mirror in your home.







Not only do you need to think about organization when you are arranging things in your home or apartment, but you also need to consider energy and how that can be affected. Feng Shui is designed to keep everything in balance and allows you to have a home that is expertly organized and you can add glass decor items to create just the right look.