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How to Pick the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Wedding

Centerpieces are the bread and butter of every wedding. Like the bread and butter of a three course meal, without a centerpiece, it feels like something is missing and it leaves you wanting more.

Without a centerpiece to gawk at and make observations about, your guests will have to talk about the weather, what they are doing for work nowadays, or worse- why they aren't the one walking down the aisle this summer.

Your centerpieces set the tone for the entire evening.

It is the first thing people see when they sit down, right before your cousin's eyes dash to the food menu to make sure they have options for their vegan, gluten-free, no-sugar diet. This will also let your guests know what kind of reception this is going to be. If what is on the table looks like it cost more than the dress that same cousin is wearing, they know they need to take it easy at the open bar.


First, identify the theme of your wedding.


 Is it a country rustic setting?


Are you having a beach wedding?


 Is it a formal church wedding with an elegant reception?


Is it the kind of wedding featuring a magician? 

 This sets the stage for every other detail on your day!




Second, consider your wedding’s color palette.

Cool tones, warm tones, or no tones? A mix? Will the accent be brown or black or grey? Satin or lace? Porcelain or crystal?







Third, who is coming?

Is it an adults-only scene or will there be children pulling on table cloths? Is it open bar? Basically, will your centerpieces be potentially destroyed or preserved?





Fourth, pick your fillings.

You might not know what vase you want until you get the filling. But what is going inside it? Will there be flowers, and if so an entire bouquet or a single rose?

Are you filling your centerpiece with sand, sea shells, marbles, feathers, or potpourri?





Fifth, pick your vase!

Now that you have all these fixings, what are you going to put them in? Do you want the vase to be translucent or solid?

Ornamental or simple- do you want the emphasis to be on the vase or what is inside it?





Finally, placement!

Where are you putting these centerpieces? All the tables? The food tables? The bar? Inside? Outside?

Just the wedding party table? What will the backdrop be for your centerpieces?








Did you think this would be easy?

Now you are ready to make a wise centerpiece decision for your special day!

Good luck and HAVE FUN! :)