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Easy Summer Entertaining with Badash

Summer is here and with the warm weather brings outdoor entertaining! What’s better on a warm summer evening than sitting outdoors with friends enjoying refreshing cocktails and a spread of delicious appetizers or a simple summer meal? With a little preparation, some good music and plenty of cold beverages, summer entertaining can be a (welcome) breeze!

 When you bring the food and drinks outside, you want to keep things relaxed and easy. A little planning ahead of time can help to keep the evening moving along so you can enjoy your guests and yourself. To keep drinks cold, have an ice bucket handy for holding ice cubes or for chilling some wine. The Chelsea European Mouth Blown Crystal Ice Bucket is a great option and this lead free crystal ice bucket is beautiful, artistic and fully functional to keep your ice chilled.


  You have the ice ready, now it’s time for some fun summer drinks! No gathering is complete without a pitcher of ice cold lemonade or iced tea. For a classic presentation serve it in the Classic European Mouth Blown Barrel Pitcher or serve up some summer punch in the beautifully cobalt accented Impressions European Mouth Blown Crystal Pitcher. Your guests will love the presentation as much as they love the drinks!


For a more sophisticated get-together, a martini is a must! Whether you like them shaken or stirred, straight up or on the rocks, a classy martini glass is just as important as the drink. The Caprice Mouth Blown Martini Glasses can serve up a swanky martini or double as elegant serving dishes for some cool sherbet or frozen gelato. If you have a drink cart or just an outdoor patio table, keep all your glasses, ice and drinks available outside, so your guests can just help themselves at any time. This adds to our theme of easy summer entertaining.


Let’s move on to some great options for food. Food in the summer should be light, flavorful and easy to eat. Chilled shrimp cocktail served with a spicy cocktail sauce and wedges of fresh lemon is a great option and looks extremely appetizing when presented with some flair. Try a Silver Glamour Oval Glass Tray to highlight this simple yet tasty appetizer. If you are serving up some crunchy corn chips and a homemade fresh tomato salsa, the Manhattan European Mouth Blown Crystal Chip N Dip Bowl is just perfect to serve this crowd favorite.



Once your food and drink menu is set, it’s time to add a little ambience. String some outdoor lights and decorate your outdoor table with a simple centerpiece of some fresh seasonal flowers. How about some tiger lilies from the garden in a Jazmin Rainbow Murano Style Art Glass Vase? The colors of the flowers and the vase will truly complement each other!


Summer entertaining can be lots of fun with a little planning, a little imagination and a little help from Badash! Check out all the items on our website: when you are planning your next party!