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What is Glass Blowing?

Glass blowing is called such because of a specific technique.

The artist melts glass made from a silica-based compound, puts it on the tip of a tube-like structure, and air is blown into the molten material,causing it to thin and expand and be molded into whatever creation the gaffer (lead glassblower) desires.

Once the glass has been become a molten substance, the gaffer takes an iron rod approximately 4 feet long called the blowpipe into the furnace, pulling out the red-hot glass.The glass must first be heated in a furnace set at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before the blowing can commence, the opposite end of the blowpipe is dipped in cold water to cool off the end so the gaffer can put his or her mouth on it.






Once cooled, the gaffer starts blowing and molds the glass into the hand-crafted pieces at Badash Crystal you know and love.

Crystal can be made several ways:

• Mouth blown and hand cut.

• Machine blown and machine cut.

 • Mouth blown and machine cut.

• Machine blown and hand cut.








In the past, machine made crystal had many obvious mold marks.

However, with today’s advances in technology, it can be difficult to detect that these pieces are, in fact, machine made.

Nearly all blown crystal has some air bubbles which, provided they are not excessively large or break the surface, are not defects but a natural result of the process.

Generally, mouth blown glass  is the most desirable.