Reverse Painting on Glass (Eglimose) is an art form dating back to 14th Century Rome.Towards the end of the Renaissance, the Italians adopted this technique for use with water based paints; subsequently the art form grew in popularity across Europe. When the Spaniards settled in Peru during the 1500's, they brought with them many of their precious belongings, among them Reverse Painting on Glass Mirrors. Initially, the settlers imported their home furnishings and goods from Spain, but in time, a core of Peruvian artisans and craftsmen began to locally fashion and fabricate these products. The process reverse painting on glass requires designs to be meticulously hand painted in reverse on the glass, then placed paint side down onto a frame. the results, a work of art cherished for a lifetime, easily becomes a family heirloom.
Reverse Painting on Glass - R.M. Weiss

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