Manta Gold

Meet the Artist: Guido was born in 1979 in the city of Antabamba, Apurimac, Peru . He currently resides with his lovely wife and two children in the city of Lima, Peru . At school, Guido always enjoyed art. He is now finishing his graduate study in drawing and painting. In 2000, Guido began creating in a craft workshop there and learned reverse painting on glass, and wood finishing. He was fortunate to work in various craft workshops and so was able to learn the entire process. In 2010, he decided to make his own craft workshop. Now the craft is "my life, my passion I put in it all my love. My designs are a big part of my life". Guido is one of our most creative artists and enjoys reading in his spare time.
Manta Gold

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  1. Manta Gold Small Rectangle Tray 12.5" X 6.75" - only 1 left!!

    Manta Gold Small Rectangle Tray 12.5" X 6.75" - only 1 left!!


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    These exquisite trays are so practical and look stunning as well. This size is one of our best sellers - use it as a vanity tray, or for snacks. One customer told me they use it for their mail! Great idea. They are produced thru the Spanish Traditional Art of Reverse Painting on Glass (also known as Eglimose) executed by our Peruvian artisans. Their labor yields this gorgeous precisely detailed decorative design on the glass. The glass is then inlayed into the handcrafted wood frame. Finally, the piece is hand finished with putty and paint. They are heirloom quality of gifts or decor.
    • Eglimose- Completely Hand Crafted
    • Environmentally Sustainable All Natural Components
    • Peruvian Reverse Painting on Glass
    • Stunning Serving or Candle Tray